The IX International Lean Six Sigma Congress

The Lean Six Sigma and quality management of the industry of a new technological paradigm

October 11, 2023

The IX International Lean Six Sigma Congress 2023 will start in

Topics of the congress

Effective technologies for optimizing business processes

Lean six sigma

Software for simulation and optimization of business processes

Means and tools for optimizing business processes

Industry application of business process optimization

Digital twins and process simulation

Results: implementation of the Lean six sigma

Labor productivity growth

Reduction of production time

Increased product quality

Extending the life of industrial equipment

Releasing production space

Reduction of manufacturing defects


For visitors

  • An opportunity of free participation in the event
  • Actual reports on all aspects of the use and development of lean manufacturing
  • Discussion among professionals
  • New contacts and business connections

For speakers

  • An opportunity to report about new solutions and prospects for the development of lean manufacturing
  • Target audience of representatives of production and business systems development services
  • Exchange of opinions among professionals

For partners

  • A unique opportunity to become a Partner of the Congress
  • Expanded advertising opportunities before, during and after the event
  • Individual setting of the package’ options
  • Discussion among professionals

For infopartners

  • An opportunity to become Media partner of the Congress
  • An opportunity to cover the event
  • An opportunity to interview speakers and experts
  • Discussion among professionals



30-32, Griboyedov canal embankment, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg State University of Economics (St.P. SUE)





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